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Cmdlet fails trying to find v 11.x.x.x


Question regarding your awesome scripts to administer the tabular model through Powershell. Do you also happen to have a working version for SQL 2014? When I register the snapin on the machine and run commands it keeps giving me errors that it's trying to find SSAS version 11.x.x.x.
I hope you have an answer for this since i am looking for a way to script rowlevel security for 50 roles.


JuanPabloJofre wrote Mar 29, 2016 at 6:22 PM

The problem here lies in the dll itself; it's compiled against AS version 11.x.x.x.
What you have to do here is:
Download project Tabular AMO 2012 V2 - release 1.1.0 from
Download project Tabular Database Powershell Cmdlets from
Compile first project using your current version of AnalysisServices.dll; run the suggested tests to verify integrity.
Compile second project using your recently generated AMO2Tabular.dll and the above version of AnaysisServices.dll; run the test script to validate integrity.

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