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Tabular Database PowerShell Cmdlets
This project provides a sample of PowerShell Cmdlets to manage Tabular models, from Analysis Services.
The library of commands is based in Tabular AMO 2012.

The idea here is very simple, we want to provide scripting capability to manage tabular models via PowerShell. Also, we wanted to bring the power of Tabular AMO 2012 to all Analysis Services administrators.

Now, using notepad (and PowerShell) you can:
  • Mange Partitions: create, delete, merge, update select statements, change connection object, etc.
  • Manage roles, users and rls.
  • Manage relationships
  • Manage tables, columns, calculated columns, measures, hierarchies
  • Create a tabular database

We are providing both source code of the entire project and binaries. We decided to provide binaries to ease the experience of using the library of cmdlets.

Read on the documentation tab how to install the binaries and how to compile the source code, in case you want to contribute to the library.

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JuanPablo Jofre

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